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Freight Services

Now that you are here you and your company have access to a wide range of freight services ranging from Less than Truck Load to Truck Load Shipments going across the Country or to international locations world wide using the US Freight Authority Freight Services for all of you shipping needs.

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If you ship less then 20 ships a month compare our rates and see if we can save you money or see if you are paying to much for Freight.

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Nationwide Freight Service, Inc. is a Freight Brokerage providing Freight Services from coast to coast all across the United States or locally in your area with, mostly affordable rates compared to other Freight Service providers either being brokers or local companies with there own trucks also known as Freight Carriers.

Trucks Ready and Waiting

Trucks Ready
& Waiting.

Same Day Pick Up in Most Areas Across the US During Business Hours.

Freight Broker Network

Nationwide Freight Service, Inc. is a member of one of the Nations largest Freight Broker Networks providing Affordable Freight Rates to business clients as well as to the public.  As a member of a large network we have the ability provide our clients a competitive rate by comparing a list of Carriers Nationwide.

Researching Freight Services & Rates

We have done extensive research comparing our Affordable Freight Services and Freight Rates with local & national companies all across the United States  With our current pricing structure we at US Freight Authority are confident we can provide affordable Freight Service rates   & reduce your freight costs significantly.

Request a Freight Quote

Compare our rates with any local or national Freight Service provider.  We are confident we can reduce your shipping and freight costs, across country and especially across town in your area.  What are you waiting for?  Please fill in our form and we will do our best to provide you an affordable and competitive Freight Rate.

LTL Freight Services

Most shipments the we ship are transported via what is know as LTL Freight Services that consist of shipments of less than 8000 pounds or so.  We can provide very competitive LTL Freight Services, Quotes, & rates any business can afford.  You now have the US Freight Authority at your disposal to transport  your Merchandise or supplies via LTL Freight Services.

Affordable Freight Services

We are constantly working with our Freight Service providers every day to provide you the customer with the most Affordable Freight Services available on the market today.

Pallets For Sale

Plastic pallets for sales of all sizes constructed of recycled PVC plastic.  Plastic Pallets for Sale are available in 2-way or 4-way entry, Heavy Duty and offer a non-slip or smooth surface. You can receive your pallets assembled or knocked down and bulk packed to lower freight costs.

Freight Partner Opportunity

Build your future and be apart on one of the Nations largest industries that will never die.  The freight industry.  US Freight Service is looking to build a presence in every state in the United States.  If you have sales skills you can secure your future in the Freight Industry.

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Freight Services