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LTL Shipping Services

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LTL Shipping Services

One of the The US Freight Authority specialties are LTL Shipping Services also known as Less Than Truck load.

What is LTL Shipping Services or Less Than Truck Load?
LTL Shipping Services are Freight Services truck loads that are small freight shipments that weigh between 100 and 10,000 pounds, are shipments that do not completely fill what is known as a whole trailer, and is too large to be shipped by either UPS, Fedex, or DHL Shipping Service Companies.

The LTL shipments are loaded up from the shipper in an enclosed trailer and taken to a hub or a delivery terminal for routing to the next hub or delivery terminal for forwarding once again to another hub or delivery terminal or for delivery to the final destination.

Most LTL Shipping Service Carriers maintain many hubs or delivery terminals as the LTL Shipping Services or Less Than Truck Load industry is a very large industry covering the entire United States,  most of Canada, and most of Mexico.

LTL Shipping Services or Less Than Truck Load services are provided world wide through freight forwarders from most costal US states like Florida, California, the Carolinas, and New York.



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LTL Shipping Services